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11-15 July  International Show 
Judges Pierre Ouellet, Susanne Zahner, Andrea Simons, Sandy Jirkovsky.
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Due to the problems we have encountered with over booking and over loading the hook-ups at Bodiam we have changed the booking system.  Hopefully this will benefit everyone and mean that power does not suddenly trip out at inconvenient times.  Starting with the July International Show the system for booking will be as follows:  All hook-ups are to be booked directly with Mary at the Bodiam Office, using the Electrical Hook-up Booking Form.  No hook-up bookings will be accepted by Jane with show entries.  Please complete the form and email to Mary at: office@sterlingquarterhorses.com.  A hook-up will be reserved (subject to availability) for 5 days to allow you to make payment by BACS or Paypal to the usual GoE Account.  If payment is not received in this time your booking will automatically be cancelled.  Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation of booking and prior to coming to the show you will be issued with a hook-up number which will tell you which block and plug to use.  On arrival at the show please collect a tag from the show office to attach to the vehicle end of the plug.  We would ask that splitters are not used, unless by prior arrangement.  If splitters are used the person who booked electricity will have their hook-up disconnected and there will be no refunds.  Many thanks.  ELECTRICAL HOOK Booking Form

Bodiam/Garden of England Shows

The human head is very vulnerable and may suffer considerable damage owing to injuries caused by a fall or impact from a horse. Injuries to the head may have long term effects and in some cases can be life threatening. It has been proven that wearing a correctly fitted, good condition riding hat can protect the wearer from injury or reduce the overall effect of any impact or injury. We promote safe riding and competition and in order to further this aim strongly recommend that protective headgear to approved standards is worn while handling exercising riding or competing any horse or pony. By entering the following shows you  indicate that you are aware and take full responsibility for competitors without protective headgear to handle exercise ride or compete horses at their own risk. 

For All Shows

Any horses that are not pre entered in at least one class may have a late documentation fee of £20 added to their showbill. Enties are accepted by mail. email or fax and payment by paypal, bacs, cheque or cash.

For all shows we have a cut off date for stabling. If booked after that date we cannot guarentee being able to provide a stable. Any stabling cancelled after that cut off date will not be refunded unless we are able to resell it.