Electrical Hook-Ups

Please complete the form below and email it to Nic at: office@sterlingquarterhorses.com.  A hook-up will be reserved (subject to availability) for 5 days to allow you to make payment by BACS or Paypal. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT TO GARDEN OF ENGLAND.  PLEASE USE PAYMENT DETAILS ON THE BOOKING FORM.  If payment is not received in this time your booking will automatically be cancelled to allow for someone else to take the space.  Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation of booking and prior to coming to the show you will be issued with a hook-up number which will tell you which block and plug to use on the showground.  On arrival at the show please collect a tag from the show office to attach to the vehicle end of the plug.  We would ask that splitters are not used unless by prior arrangement.  If splitters are used without permission from the office then the person who booked electricity will have their hook-up disconnected and there will be no refunds.

Thank you for understanding