We kindly ask that you take notice of the following information to ensure that all horses and riders can enjoy our shows.

By entering our shows you are consenting to ourselves, our catering company, videographers and photographers contacting you by electronic means. If you do not consent please advise the secretary upon entering.


Neither NRHA, Garden of England Circuit, Sternberg Farms or Sterling Quarter Horses accept any liability for theft. Nor do they assume or accept responsibility for safety at the shows in regard to participants or any other third parties or for the horses or other property thereof.


Hacking Out

We are very lucky that the facilities at the Garden of England shows enable competitors access to many acres of farmland on which the landowners have kindly given permission for you to hack at your own risk, However it is MANDATORY that any rider who wishes to hack out (irrespective of age or experience) MUST wear a correctly fitted and up-to-date hard riding helmet AT ALL TIMES.


Camping and Stable Fields

Competitors are reminded that the camping and stable fields are used for turnout when there are not shows happening at the facility. Therefore we kindly ask that you take all litter home and do not leave anything behind that could endanger the horses who will be in the fields after you.

Hard Hat Disclaimer

The human head is very vulnerable and may suffer considerable damage owing to injuries caused by a fall or impact from a horse. Injuries to the head may have long term effects and in some cases can be life threatening. It has been proven that wearing a correctly fitted, good condition riding hat can protect the wearer from injury or reduce the overall effect of any impact or injury. We promote safe riding and competition and in order to further this aim strongly recommend that protective headgear to approved standards is worn while handling, exercising, riding or competing any horse or pony. By entering Garden of England shows you indicate that you are aware and take full responsibility for competitors without protective headgear to handle, exercise, ride or compete horses. Riders who do not wear a hard hat with chin straps at all times when riding understand that they are riding at their own risk. Neither BR, NRHA, AQHA, Garden of England Circuit, Sternberg Farms or Sterling Quarter Horses accepts any liability or responsibility for their safety.

Important Information